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When Greg decides it’s time to propose to his girlfriend, he seeks the help of his unscrupulous friend Dave. It’s not the best choice, but it’s his only choice. Since Greg is a poor, aspiring filmmaker, and doesn’t have a lot of money, they turn to less than ethical means of getting a better ring for him to propose to his girlfriend. Dave and Greg follows two friends and their antagonistic relationship through ups and downs: from gun-play and engagements to kidnapping and muggings.


Dave and Greg: Season 1

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pilot screenshot
Ep. 0 – The Pilot [1080p]
DG Episode 1 Screenshot
Ep. 1 – Rings, Engagements and Man-Boys [1080p]
Episode 2 Screenshot
Ep. 2 – Banana Hammocks and Yahtzee [1080p]
Ep. 3 – Zumba: Boogy Yo Self Down to a Smaller Size [1080p]

Ep. 4 – Day in the Life [720p]